#TASK 01:
Login to your Doberman firewall with the credential.

**Change shell pass and Panel pass both (Must remember your given password, It cant be change if you forgot it)

#TASK 02
Download JRE & VOS3000 Client Software from From

Login to your account > Services >> “Click” Selected Product and Services > Overview >> Downloads

Install JRE & VOS3000 Client Software on your PC (Turn off Windows Firewall & Antivirus)

#TASK 03:
Open VOS3000 Installed Software
Follow given credentials and login
VOS3000 Client Authentication
IP: Your Server IP Address
User: admin
Pass: admin
UUID: info@vos3000.me

**Change admin password immediately.

## Security maintenance

Every time log out from Doberman Firewall after finishing your task.
Login again while you need to monitor do any task.
Don’t share your credential with anyone. We are not liable for any data loss or theft of access done by your credential access.